Memo: Noun. A memo is a written message. Most memos are to help you remember something, or to remind another person of something. This web app lets you curate your social media presence after your death. Making a digital memorial for friends and relatives.

Designing a memorial app for the social media generation.


To bring memorials into the 21st Century for a population that are increasingly tech-savvy and agnostic/irreligious.


I designed a web app that will enable the user to curate and schedule parting messages to be posted on their social media channels when they die. Words of wisdom, memories and viewpoints on specific subjects, much like an Ethical Will.

It allows the user (via their trusted contacts) to schedule messages on special events and anniversaries to serve as a memory for loved ones. Without the usual flowery language and visuals, and avoiding any hint of religion, the app design and language are upbeat and positive.

Key screens – title screen, onboarding, empty states and completion messages

UX writing